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Hello and welcome to [community profile] simplyicons.

Within this community you will find simple, colourful icons and bases for use in any medium.
I do not like fussy icons. I am a roleplayer and as such I enjoy clean, crisp icons that can show a wide range of emotions for my characters. Simple icons.
That is what I aim to deliver here.

My icons can be customised if you so wish. Add text. Add textures. But please always credit me.
These icons may be simple but many hours of work have gone into making them bright and colourful. I would not like my efforts to go in vain.

You may notice a lot of icons are from a livejournal account known as wonderland__. I have not stolen these icons/bases. They were made by me, that was my icon journal back when I used LJ. Now that I do not I am slowly transferring all of my graphics to this community on DW. So please, do not message me saying that someone is stealing my icons or that I am a thief. I can assure you I am no such thing.

I hope you enjoy my icons!


Comment: While this is not mandatory, a comment on a post you particularly like shows me what icons people are interested in and I will endeavour to create more of the same.
Customise: Unless otherwise stated almost all icons here are open to customisation.
Credit: If you use my icons as they are or take them to create something of your own, please credit me in icon comments or in your post.
Don't hotlink: Upload all icons you take to your own host. Do not use me as a host.
Enjoy: Enjoy your new icons! Thank you for visiting me and I hope you come again soon!